Communication Support Services


Initial Draft Review – $45

Ready to get started? The draft review includes an annotated version of your draft with reader-reaction comments and recommendations, as well as a summative assessment that outlines what your current draft is doing well and the priority areas for improvement. The initial draft review is meant to function as a diagnostic that will help you better understand your own writing process and provide a clear-cut path for your next round of revisions.

Zoom Feedback Session – $60

Looking for more support as you approach revising? The Zoom feedback session is a 50-min synchronous meeting where we review the initial draft feedback and use it to build a detailed revision plan. These sessions enable a more dialogic working style and help get down on paper all of the ideas, connections, and take-aways that haven’t quite made it on the page.

Additional Version Reviews – $30

Did you revise your initial document? Since writing is really all about rewriting, you can send in additional drafts for review. Each additional version review will include feedback on your latest round of revisions, targeted comments and recommendations for areas that could still use further work, as well as the summative assessment outlining where the draft is particularly strong and what areas should be prioritized in future revisions.